ideaviews share your story

Are You Marketing or Telling a Story?

People relate to other people — not businesses. That is the driving force behind all successful social media channels today. So what is the best way to connect with your

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IdeaViews Cloud

Why You Need the Cloud

These days it seems as if you need constant connectivity between home and work. Dropbox and Google Drive are gaining serious traction as a way to keep your files accessible

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IdeaViews Active Adults

Best Ways to Attract Active Adult Buyers

Builder Online recently interviewed Epcon Communities, who started building homes for active adults in 1986. They shared an interesting viewpoint – it’s not what these home have that matters to

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Show, Don’t Tell – Should You Add Video to Your Website?

Most information consumed today is visual. We’ve talked about using big, bold images to convey your message, but what about video? Small business owners from all industries are discovering that

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ideaviews urban boomer

Role Reversal in Urban Dwellers

Recently, the Census released its 2013 population estimates, revealing whether key demographic groups – like millennials (20-34 year olds), boomers (50-69 year olds) – are moving to more suburban or

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If You Build It… They Still Won’t Come

It used to be that if you started a blog the best and most honest way to build an audience was by publishing great and helpful content. Educate your readers

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walkable metros

Surprised? Atlanta Makes the List of Walkable Urban Metros

Walkable real estate development is on the rise nationwide, but Builder Online shares a new report showing that some metro regions are progressing faster than others. This report ranks walkable

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Advertising on Tablet

Are Ads Really Noticed When They’re Read on Tablets?

Print. iPhone. Desktop. Tablet. There is a multitude of formats for serving ads, and it is perpetually growing. Figuring out where ads really reach and resonate with consumers can be

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ideaviews gen y

A Product That Even Young Buyers Can Commit To

Say goodbye to the mansion. Buyers aged 19 to 37 want homes designed to suit their specific interests and lifestyles: small floorplans with a feeling of roominess, flexible spaces, built-in

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ideaviews online leads

How Builders Can Convert Online Leads

Builders are warming up to the importance of having an effective website that’s easily navigated and SEO-rich. But even the most well laid out site won’t help sales conversions if

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