Social Media Spring Cleaning

Maintaining a social media presence can be a full-time job, which makes it kind of difficult if your full-time job requires your time and attention be spent elsewhere. As you’re

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What Do Your Colors Say About Your Brand?

As a marketer, it’s important to think about how you utilize colors and what the colors you choose say about your business. According to Marketo, research has found that different

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Still Reluctant to Buy

BuilderOnline tells us that the housing market has nearly bounced back to a healthy state; yet more Americans than ever are opting to rent. What’s the reason for this rental

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How to Stay in Your Fans’ Newsfeed with Great Content

With all the changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, these days it’s known that fewer fans are seeing posts from business pages. We hear a lot of businesses complaining about

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Why You Should Still Be Kickin’ It Old School

Although you may keep hearing that “print is dead” and “this is the digital age,” this does not mean you should only market your brand online. recently talked about

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IdeaViews Likes

How To Get More Facebook Likes Authentically

You may be posting the best content relevant to your business, but if no one sees it your ROI is probably not easily quantifiable. According to a recent article on

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Small Prefab Homes Making City Living Affordable

According to a recent article on, there is a new trend arriving fast in some of the most expensive cities – tiny, prefab homes. These cube homes are portable,

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4 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

aWeber, a trusted email marketing client, recommends some ways to make the most of your WordPress Blog. They gathered four of their favorite plugins that help take your content marketing

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Social Listening – Yes, It’s Important

More and more brands are learning that listening over social media is far more important than broadcasting. Consumers want to be heard, not talked to. Why Listen? Social listening offers

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Out With the Selling, In With the Serving

In a recent article by Greg Harrelson on ActiveRain, he talks about how consumers control the mute button in today’s real estate industry. Yes, there are new technologies coming out

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