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What Exactly Is a Call to Action?

One of our specialties is getting potential clients and customers to your website. Even in today’s crowded digital world, we are innovative and successful at getting qualified traffic to you.

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The Condo Market Returns

The recession was hard on all real estate, but condos were hit harder than single family homes. They also were slower to catch up on the recovery, but that is

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The Critical Elements of a Successful Landing Page

Landing pages are ideally a way to collect a website visitor’s information in exchange for an offer they will value, such as a free eBook, mini course, or whitesheet. They

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Realtors: Why You Need to Be Online

Over the past decade, the world of homebuyers has become increasingly digital. Consumers are online  the second they have a question or idea. They do extended research to look for

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This Just In: Consumers Don’t Actually Hate Advertising

With the ability to skip ads, fast forward through commercials, and employ pop up ad blockers, the message to marketers has been clear: consumers don’t want to be annoyed by

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The Changing Profile of the First Time Homebuyer

The role of first time buyers remains critical to the housing market; however the profile of the first time homebuyer is ever changing. Today, the first time homebuyer is typically

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Should You Hire an Agency for Your Social Media Management?

When used correctly, social media can be a powerful marketing tool for many brands. Its ability to increase brand awareness, leads and traffic combined with the wide reach make it

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The Advantages of Buying a New Home

Today’s builders believe their competition is simply other new home communities, but in reality it’s not. Homebuyers are looking at existing homes when they set out to make the big

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Beacons: the Next Real Time Marketing Trend

Beacons are small proximity, push-messaging devices that can wake up applications on a nearby smartphone. They were created to provide marketing offers as you walk past a product or retail

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How Smart Should Your Smart Home Be?

There is a new wireless, Bluetooth-based home protection system with LED light bulbs that have built-in rechargeable batteries and smart-modules, which are hidden inside the bulbs. These provide safety lighting

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